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The Open Source
Security Lake Platform for AWS

Serverless, high scale, low cost, zero-ops security log analytics in your AWS account.

Why Matano?

Collect data from all your sources

Matano lets you collect log data from sources using S3 or SQS based ingestion.

Ingest, transform, normalize log data

Matano normalizes and transforms your data using VRL. Matano works with the Elastic Common Schema by default and you can define your own schema.

Store data in S3 object storage

Log data is always stored in S3 object storage, for cost effective, long term, durable storage.

Apache Iceberg Data lake

All data is ingested into an Apache Iceberg based data lake, allowing you to perform ACID transactions, time travel, and more on all your log data.


Matano is a fully serverless platform, designed for zero-ops and unlimited elastic horizontal scaling.

Detections as code

Write Python detections to implement realtime alerting on your log data.

High scale. Low cost. Zero ops. Pick three.

Unlock all your security data today.