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Adding Crowdstrike Support to Matano

· 4 min read

We're excited to announce that Matano now supports managed log sources from Crowdstrike. This means that you can easily ingest and analyze your endpoint security logs from Crowdstrike Falcon and Crowdstrike Falcon Data Replicator (FDR) logs into your Matano security lake without having to define any schemas or parsers.

What's new

Using Matano you can efficiently process & store petabytes of Crowdstrike logs & detection alerts into a normalized security data lake (S3) in your AWS account for advanced correlation & analysis during investigations.

As of today, Matano supports ingesting both Crowdstrike Falcon (from the Streaming API - SIEM Collector) logs and Crowdstrike Falcon Data Replicator (FDR) logs via S3 ingestion, using an existing or Matano provided source bucket.

Use Cases

Matano lets you cost-effectively query historical data using SQL (via Athena, Snowflake, or any compatible engine), perform bulk search for IOCs, and even create realtime detections-as-code for your logs using Python!

  • Correlation & Search - By capturing events from Crowdstrike Falcon along with other security data & normalizing all fields to ECS, Matano helps you correlate across log sources, analyze DNS events, and search for IOCs.

  • Investigations & Long-Term Storage - Efficiently store petabytes of logs from Falcon Data Replicator (FDR) in your structured Matano security data lake to help with investigations and enable analysis using SQL.

  • Realtime Detection & Alerting Write detection rules as code in Matano to alert on malicious user and network activity in host and endpoint logs from Crowdstrike in realtime. Our Python-based detection format allow you to build highly customizable and effective rules to alert on potential threats.

How it works

Crowdstrike Falcon & FDR

Let's walk through how to ingest Crowdstrike Falcon logs into Matano. We can simply point Matano at a bucket containing logs delivered from the SIEM Collector and start ingesting data, with a simple configuration file:

# log_source.yml
name: crowdstrike_falcon


bucket_name: "my-bucket"
key_prefix: "my/key/prefix"

Deploying Matano with this configuration will create a Matano table named crowdstrike_falcon that you can query using SQL (with AWS Athena) and write realtime detections on.

The schema is fully normalized to ECS so we easily do queries like searching on related IPs or checking if an event is a failure, without remebering the Crowdstrike specific fields.

Here's an example Athena query where we check for the latest events that are related to a failure:

select message,
from matano.crowdstrike_falcon
where ts > current_timestamp - interval '7' day
and event.outcome = 'failure'

We can also write Python detections that will run on realtime on each incoming Crowdstrike event, and optionally create an alert. Here is an example that detects services that start a vulnerable version of Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) by using the Crowdstrike FDR logs:

# port for vulnerable RDP
vuln_rdp_port = 3389

# servers known to be safe
safe_servers = ["", ""]

def detect(r):
return (
"network" in r.deepget("event.category", [])
and "start" in r.deepget("event.type", [])
and r.deepget("event.outcome") == "success"
and r.deepget("source.port") == vuln_rdp_port
and r.deepget("observer.ip") not in safe_servers

Note that this detection has been written entirely against ECS normalized fields, without any mention of the corresponding Crowdstrike event types NetworkListionIpv4 and NetworkListionIpv6 in the original event.

By using standardized ECS fields, and an open source language such as Python, Matano helps you express your detection rules in a completely vendor-neutral way that is portable across log sources and tools!

Getting started

We're excited to add support for Crowdstrike Falcon and Crowdstrike Falcon Data Replicator (FDR) logs to Matano, making it easy for you to ingest and analyze your endpoint logs.

You can start using the Crowdstrike managed log sources today. Follow the steps to get started with Matano and take a look at the Crowdstrike documentation.

Happy threat hunting! 🦅