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Managed Log sources

Matano managed log sources are common log sources for which Matano provides preconfigured normalizations, transformations, and schemas. This lets you easily ingest logs from a supported log source without having to write a transformation or specify a schema.

Using managed log sources

To use a Matano managed log source, specify the managed.type property in your log_source.yml with the corresponding identifier for the managed log source. There is then no need to specify fields like transform or schema as these will be applied automatically by the managed log source.

For example, to use the CloudTrail managed log source, your log_source.yml may look as follows:

name: "aws_cloudtrail"


Managed log sources may also specify additional properties for custom configuration. You may provide this in the key in your log_source.yml. Consult the log source specific documentation for the values to provide, if any.

Supported managed log sources

The following are currently supported Matano managed log sources. Click through to view specific documentation for each log source.